All Saint's Day

Party Ideas

contributed by Margaret Loesel

We need to reclaim this holy day!Many of our local churches have put together some very clever parish parties structured very much like the Christ the King Party already featured in I will just add a few more ideas. 1. St. Isadore's Produce roll: kids rolled a pumpkin through an obstacle course and got an apple for a prize. 2. Knock down the 7 Deadly sins: a variation on the traditional beanbag toss. 3. St. John Bosco's Basketball Toss 4. St. Theresa's Toss a Rose from heaven game; stand on a chair and toss a rose into a basket 5. David and Goliath game: The children use a ball of foil as a rock and try to hit Goliath in the head. He is like a scarecrow with a baloon for a head. You don't pop the balloon, just bobble it around. 6. St. Francis Xavier Missionary Game: Children board a boat to different lands and answer the questions the pagans have about God(catachism questions). They are armed with a rosary and a crucifix. This was a hit! 7. St. Christopher race; Each participant had to carry a child on his back and safely reach the finish line. 8. Purgatory or Heaven toss: target game with a ball. Ball either enters the hole for purgatory or heaven. The 7 sacraments are pasted on a ladder on the floor leading the child to the goal.