From: Date: Sun, 18 May 2003 01:11:51 EDT Subject: (no subject) To: Hello, I am passing along a school paper, the expression of a child's experience, an eternal gift received by a father, a sign of hope, a bit of good news for weary-nearly cynical people, a catalyst in some circles ? The identities are perhaps not important. My Hero    My hero is my father. I respect him so much. He is the best father a girl could ask for. He is loyal and understanding of people's dreams and idea's. He is a psychologist. He listens to people's problems all day long and helps them figure out what to do when life throws you a curve ball.  He is constantly telling me to do the right thing and to be true to myself. And if I love myself others will too. He never stops trying when things get rough, he never gives up believing there is hope in the world and lives. Every day I learn something new from him. He is very spiritual and loves mother nature's creations. Everyone is always too busy or in a rush to get some place to even stop and just look at their glorious surroundings. My dad is one of the busiest people I know and every day he finds time to thank God for every thing bestowed upon him. One summer my dad spent his whole time with his friend Longwalker who is an Indian. He stayed with Longwalker and his family on land in California. The reason why he was there was not only to visit but to help Longwalker be discovered. Longwalker writes books and poetry and he could not get them published. My dad went up there to help and sure enough he did. He cares about others more than himself and that is whyI look up to him. He is always caring for others first, he comes last. Recently my parents got divorced. The thing that touched my heart was he was trying to work out things with my mom, he was trying to be a better husband. He tried so hard to keep my brother and I from undergoing so much pain. He didn't even care about himself. All he could do was think about was me and my brother. That is so touching to me that he never gave up on my mom and wanted to work things out with her. That right there is called unconditional love. Another thing that touched me was that he wanted joint custody. Most fathers I know only want to see their kids ever other wekend and one day a week. My dad loves me and wants to be in my life. And I think that is what I love and admire about him. He was their when I was born and will be there the day I die waiting for me to join him in heaven. My dad is courageous, intelligent, wise, and hilarious. He is always cracking me up. He is so silly at times and then he can be so serious and understanding. This is why I admire him. Every day I try to be more like my dad. To be more grateful and not take people or things for granted. If everyone was like my dad, I am certain the world would be s stronger, healthier place.