Introduction: Peter and Catherine Fournier, married 27 years, 6 children, 1 grandchild, owners/operators of, authors of two books published by Ignatius Press With only half an hour to tell you about building the domestic church (we've got lesson plans for a day long workshop on the subject) we've decided to simply share our story of building our domestic church with the hopes that we can give you some of the important attitudes, understandings and guideposts along the way. But this is only what we did, what we learned. Your story will be different, because your family, situation, talents and call are different. We're not suggesting that you imitate our domestic church. We are suggesting that you, using our example and our suggestions, build your own domestic church. We plan to share the attitudes, viewpoints, general practices with you so that you can take them home. First lesson; it doesn't really matter what you do, it matters that you do something. Just start. The rest will follow. We thought we were better than Sunday Catholics Conversion H.V. few months after marriage 3 kids Parish council Assist with sacramental preparation Still felt something missing, Lots of me', little us' No theme, no plan, no direction in our lives beyond material needs There hadn't been a conversion in daily life, there was intellectual without practical Began to understand that belief isn't enough Then God sent us on a Family Retreat Story of how we went on retreat Learned about Catholic family life Saw a generous family that had something' Saw young teen voluntarily playing with littles Knew that was what we wanted for our family - so how to get it? We were also pretty intimidated by the whole idea of living instead of practicing Catholic faith, it seemed pretty radical and demanding.

Prayer was an important step in the right direction5

Abstract The Our Father , the Apostle's and Nicene Creed, and the precise words of the Mass have all the teaching we need. Men The Priesthood of the Family, is service not power, husbands must support wives in raising children statistic about faith of adult children

Concrete Brought a different perspective to daily life Gave an overview', especially since we included stating intentions right from the start Women Take faith lead from husband, create a sanctuary of beauty,faith, serenity, refuge in the home

Realized that we needed More

Abstract Prayer sets a good, necessary foundation for Domestic Church But family life is expressed in activities, growth, gatherings Domestic church needs to be formed and enriched with faith based activities

Concrete Picked up practical tips from other families Things like: Name days Family rosary Celebrating liturgical seasons Holy water Evening prayer cuddle time Control TV Hallowe'en Holy Cards - real change started here.

Transform Home into Holy Ground

Abstract Concrete Liturgical Seasons, seasonal decorations

Advent is just one liturgical season. It's important to place celebrations in context of whole liturgical year. Doing something in each season, not just in Advent, gives a message to your children, your family and the outside world that this is a domestic church, not a home with some different Advent traditions. One way to do that is to honour the season. Doing something positive (like adding Saint Nicholas or the Advent wreath) is always better and more effective than removing something (like Santa or parties before Christmas) but the most important thing is to do something. "Hfb R

Honour the Saints Abstract Heroes and role models

Concrete Name-days Icons Pilgrimages on feast days Family Traditions We also think it's important to have other non-liturgical traditions woven into the observance of the liturgical seasons, such as special food on someone's birthday. Reading books at bedtime Ice-cream to celebrate the last day of school Replacing television with Evangelization "Practicing hospitality and charity#" Taking inventory mAbstract What does this mean? What does the domestic church look like? What has pride of place in your home? nf n 0Concrete Inventory sheets Pass out holy cards


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