Examination of Conscience for Young Adults (Teens)

by Maggie Geene

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What follows is the examination of conscience that I wrote a few years ago for the Confirmandi of our parish. It is very simple, and based upon the ten commandments. The kids seemed to think that it was very helpful in their preparation for Reconciliation.

An important aspect of the sacrament of Reconciliation is a good thorough examination of conscience. We must look at ourselves and see where we fall short of God's commandments. The following questions should help to look more deeply into your everyday actions, and see where you need to ask for forgiveness, and strive to live your life in a way that honors God in all things.

  • Do I love God completely, above all things?
  • Do I trust my own will or what my friends tell me more than God?
  • Am I willing to obey God's laws even when I don't understand them?
  • Do I try to understand , of does my pride make me reject God's law and rely
  • on my own decisions?
  • Do I use God's name unwisely, on in anger?
  • Do the things I say dishonor God?
  • Do I swear to look cool to my friends?
  • Do I keep a Special time on Sunday, and each day for God?
  • When I am at Mass, do I participate and listen to the Word of God?
  • Do I disregard the importance of Mass because certain parts seem boring?
  • Do I give my parents the honor and respect they deserve?
  • Is it easier to follow my friends' advice rather than my parents' advise?
  • Do I respect the gift of life that God has given to all people?
  • Do I say things to hurt people on purpose?
  • Do I hurt myself through drinking, drugs or risky behavior?
  • Do I help those less fortunate than myself?
  • Do I remember that sex should only be a part of a sacramental commitment between married people?
  • Am I willing to be talked into something that I know is wrong?
  • Am I willing to the what is right even when it isn't the easiest choice?
  • Am I willing to try harder to be honorable in my relationships?
  • Do I respect what is not mine?
  • Do I cheat?
  • Do I steal?
  • Do I vandalize?
  • Am I honest with my friends and family?
  • Do I betray others by saying untrue things about them?
  • Would I rather lie than take the consequences of my actions?
  • Am I guilty of feelings of greed or envy?
  • Am I respectful when things don't go my way, or when others have things I don't?
  • Do I let these feelings control my actions?

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