Read The Bible in a Year?

Peter Fournier and Catherine Fournier

One well deserved comment or criticism of Catholics by Protestants is that we tend not to 'know our Bible.' Not only does this leave us at a disadvantage when it comes to discussing our faith with others, it means that we are missing a great treasure of teaching, and tradition. The Bible is the history of God's people - who wouldn't like to know 'where we came from?' Yet the whole Bible is a daunting prospect.

A reader's question sent me looking for a great site and a great idea. "Would you know a place on the internet that offers a "read in a year" calendar for the Bible?"

I found several resources, of varying useability. This:
and this:
The Coming Home Network: Downloadable PDF.
and this:
52 Week Bible Reading Plan A clunky but cheerful site.

Here is an example of a typical reading schedule:

Day First Reading Psalm Gospel
1 Corinthians 1:1--4:21 Ps 32 Mt 15:21-39
2 1 Cor 5:1--11:1 Ps 33 Mt 16:1-12
3 1 Cor 11:2--16:24 Ps 34 Mt 16:13-28
4 2 Cor 1:1--7:1 Ps 35 Mt 17:1-13
5 2 Cor 7:2--13:13 Ps 36 Mt 17:14-27
6 Galatians Ps 37 Mt 18: 1-18
7 Ephesians Ps 38 Mt 18:19--19:2
8 Philippians; Colossians Ps 39 Mt 19:3-15
9 1 Thessalonians Ps 40 Mt 19:16-30
10 2 Thessalonians Ps 41 Mt 20:1-16

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