A Spiritual Bouquet of Prayer Petal Flowers

by Monica McConkey

Lent Tab

Build your children's devotion to the Rosary, one decade at a time!

This activity may help to initiate the process of saying the Rosary, while offering a more concrete way of keeping track of the prayers and holding the attention of little ones.

Begin by introducing the concept of the Rosary, one decade at a time. Each day, focus on only one decade of the twenty in the Rosary: A single Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful or Glorious Mystery.

Before you begin to pray together, cut out a series of flower petals, stems and leaves for each person who will be taking part. There should be 1 stem (representing the Mystery), 10 petals (representing the Hail Marys), 1 little circle or centre for each flower (representing the Our Father) and 1 leaf (representing the Glory be...).
Either you or the children can carefully print the corresponding prayer (or Mystery) on the appropriate pieces.
As the Mystery is announced and described, everyone holds a stem. As the Our Father is said, the circle is glued to the end of the stem. As each Hail Mary is said, a petal is glued to the circle. As the decade is concluded with the Glory Be... glue the leaf onto the stem.
As the days go by and the decades are said, a great collection of flowers will reflect the achievement! Offer the prayers each day for a specific person, and give them the completed flowers for a colourful and meaningful gift!

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