Epiphany Activity

by Carole Asselin

At our "Family meeting" (which is another name for family catechism in our group), we did the following activity for Epiphany.

We read a story of the three wise men from the Gospel of Matthew, then we distributed little cupcakes. In those cupcakes were three peas. Whoever would get a pea would become a wise man (or woman).

We had large pieces of material to use for costumes and long scarves. Whoever were the wise men got to put on a costume like a wise man's cloak and head scarf. It looked kind of funny (especially when I had to wear some as I got the third pea!) but the kids loved that. Whatever was left was worn by "shepherds". Then we all went inside the church (with the priest's permission of course!) and brought gifts to the baby Jesus in the manger (in the nativity scene inside). We had a vase, a golden box and another larger well decorated box. We knelt, saidna prayer and offered our gifts to the baby Jesus. That was the first part of the activity.

The second part of the activity was to bring back the gift that baby Jesus gave us: it was a nice box and inside were coloured papers where were written various "gifts", graces or talents. As we opened the box and read each paper, everyone would try to think of someone in the group who had that "gift". Examples of "gifts" are: a safe house, good in math, patience. That had the effect of centering the kids (mostly the kids) on what they HAVE instead of always what they WANT.

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