Treasure Hunt

by Carole Asselin

I used the Fridge Art activity about Ice Cream as a base for this game. Since we live in a very little town, it would be hard to get "lost" even if we tried. I also wanted an activity that could be done by several people at the same time. Here is my adaptation.

I made 10 different "courses". I printed instructions on how to go around each course using unusual fonts on beige paper. they looked a little liek the tablets of the ten commandments. The instructions were fairly simple but included some difficulties (a new word from the Bible, a negative statement, a conditional statement, etc.)

Along each course, there were three coloured envelopes to collect (each course had a different colour). In the envelopes were words that, put in the right order, would form the phrase of one of the ten commandments. We used the church basement and the church "property" to hide all the 30 envelopes. The last envelope collected on each course had also a small "treasure": a prayer card.

If your priest approved, you could use a similiar game to teach children about the different parts of the inside of the church; the pews, the confessional, a kneeler, the sanctuary, the nave, the narthex, the aisles, the choir loft, etc.

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