God Doesn't Make Junk

by Carole Asselin

This activity has two objects; clean up and teaching.

We went out in groups of two or three along the roadside in our small village. Each group had a brown paper bag that they had decorated before (that's optional). We could also have just gone around the church or into the cemetery to clean up there.

Along our walk, we collected all the trash we could find. After a certain time, we came back to the lawn of the parish hall (we didn't want to take the garbage inside!) and examined the junk we found.

One by one, the groups discussed what each thing was made for. We can realize that everything was made for a certain purpose in the start but it became "junk" because it was neglected, rejected or misused. Everyone was surprised by the stuff that was just thrown away, seeing it all together made everyone realise what a waste it really was.

The same goes for God's creation: He made everything good and for a purpose however, sometimes, we neglect, reject or misuse His creation and that's OUR fault, not God's since God DOES NOT MAKE JUNK.

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