Rosary Activity

by Carole Asselin

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In our new "program" of family meetings, we had a few more activities that could be interesting, especially for groups.

Flower Rosary

We made a BIG rosary with the children in May. It measures about 21 feet long. It was made out of funfoam flowers.

Following the flower pattern, we cut out shapes and slits in the places marked. the petals of one flower shpae will slip through the slits of a second flower shape to make a full eight petaled flower.

flower pattern

We made 120 "flowers" in five different colours. We attached each "double flower" on a golden string (I had measured the string and put knots exactly where the flowers were supposed to go). I made a "center piece" and a crucifix out of funfoam too. This large rosary is still exposed in our church.

Floating Rosary

During the novena of Ste-Anne, I visited a sanctuary close to my place of work. It is right by a bay. There, someone made an even bigger rosary using floaters (the kind that is put on lobster traps for the fishermen to find them again). The cross and the center were made of wood. Since each floater is about 12 inches long, you can imagine the size! And they had the great idea of placing it on the water (anchored to the bottom in several places so it would not float away). They called it the fisherman's rosary.

This would be a fun summer activity for families lucky enough to have a summer cottage or that visit a camp or beach regularly. Instead of fisherman's floaters colored plastic soft drink bottles, plastic milk jugs, or even balloons could be used for the beads. Anchor the rosary with ropes tied to water filled soft drink bottles, or to buckets full of rocks.

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