Paper Plate Easter Basket

thanks to Colleen and Darcy Hammond

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Darcy and I made these for her girlfriends for Easter presents. It was so simple, so inexpensive, and they turned out so cute, I just wanted to share the idea, which came from my girlfriend Barb.

Materials needed for one basket:
  • 1 decorative paper plate (about 10" in diameter)
  • scrap paper, measured into a 4" square
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • hole punch
  • 8 ft of 1/4" ribbon (cut into 4 even pieces)
  • construction paper
  • stapler
To make the basket:
1. Assemble your materials.

2. Trace the 4" square onto the middle of the decorative paper plate.

3. Imagine the plate as a tic-tac-toe board (with the 4" square as the middle square), and cut out the outside "corners" of the plate. This will leave you with a cross shape as shown in the picture.
first step, showing cut-outs
showing holes punched 4. Punch three holes on each side of the cut edges of the flaps of the cross as shown.
5. Fold up the flaps (decorative side out) to make the sides of the basket. The 4" square you traced onto the plate will be the bottom of the basket.

6. Lace the ribbon through the holes (bottom to top) as if they were shoes and tie a pretty bow.
showing lacing
cut out and add handle 7. Cut a strip of the construction paper (approximately 2"x11") for the handle.

8. Staple the handle into place.
9. Fill with Easter Grass and Goodies!

Voila! Enjoy! Colleen.

(Editor's Note: With different patterned paper plates, these baskets could also be used to hold the "Gifts" for an Epiphany or Pentecost distribution of the "Gifts of the Holy Spirit," or as goody baskets at a All Hallow's Eve party or Saint's Feast day celebration.)
finished basket

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