Poem for St. Valentine's Day

thanks to Krystyna (Mom), Christina (10 1/2), Anna (9), Megan (7), Will (6) and Ashley (3 1/2).

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This is a lovely poem submitted by a mother and her children.

As Krystyna explained,
"My children attend a public school and we were brainstorming ways to get the real message behind St. Valentine's Day across to their classmates and friends. They are going to use the following poem I wrote on homemade cards, and distribute them to friends at school. I thought it might be useful for other parents in the same situation. Who knows, it might be a "jumping off" point for other parents and kids to write their own poems!"

Today we remember St. Valentine,
A priest who was imprisoned in 269.
He married engaged couples in secret
And cured a blind maiden friend,
And for refusing to renounce his faith
He was martyred in the end.
He is known for sending caring notes at times,
And signing them "From Your Valentine".
So, in honor of St. Valentine,
This one thing is true,
I will always be a caring friend to you.
(Sender's name here)

Editor's Note: I have created a few single-sided cards using this poem, that can be downloaded and printed with a color printer (or black and white and then colored!)

Click on the thumbnail to download the PDF





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