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Peter Fournier and Catherine Fournier

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The part of every magazine where the person that 'puts it all together' gets an opportunity to explain 'what it all means', what (if any) she had in mind while drawing up the theme and compiling the contents of the magazine. It's also where the readers get an opportunity to tell the editor just what they think of her efforts and choices, and where discussions and debates can start.

Lent and Easter

March and April

  • What is Conscience?
    An editorial about the skill of 'informing our conscience.' First, we need to stop fooling ourselves and agree on what it is. A relevant discussion in the season of Lent.
  • Maps and Landmarks
  • Letters
    Some interesting comments from readers, ones that could generate some interesting debate. (This is a Hint to everyone reading this.)
  • More Letters
    Domestic-Church.Com receives many kinds of letters. Some make comments about articles, others ask for help in finding information. Please join the discussions, or offer your advice.

Saint Joseph the Worker


Assumption and Queenship of Mary

July and August

Angels and Archangels

September and October

Advent and Christmas

November and December


January and February