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Peter Fournier and Catherine Fournier

So you've bought the book and now the kids have scribbled all over it and the coloring pages decorate the fridge (that's why we have a section of the site called Fridge Art.)

But, now they want more: "Mom. Mommm! Angel mom! Me want Angel too!"

Having bought the book we figure you might be looking for more copies of many of the pages if only to keep the peace on a Thursday afternoon.

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  • plundering,

from Catherine and I and our kids as well as from all the people who did pay for the book. And you are generally giving a very poor example to your kids. The internet IS NOT FREE! We have to pay the phone companies and the ISPs to send you these files over the internet, and it's EXPENSIVE!

Lenten Cross

Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs)

Making banners

Shrines and Stations of the Cross

Guardian angel cross stitch

Coloring Pictures