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Brief histories of the life of a saint, most in three accounts; for young families (children 0-8), for practiced families (children 8-14), and experienced families (children 14-adult). The Vatican Council II states: "The authentic devotion to the Saints consists . . . greater intensity of our love, whereby for our own greater good and that of the whole Church, we seek from the Saints examples in their way of life, fellowship in their communion, and aid by their intercession."

Who's Your Favorite Saint?

If you would like to add to this list of Saint's Profiles, your contribution would be more than welcome. Who's your favorite saint? Send us your ideas for a feast day celebrations.

Saints By Name

† Adrian of Canterbury
† Agnes
† All Saint's
† Aloysius
† Andrew
† Angels, Guardian
† Anne, Joachim
† Anne Line
† Annunciation
† Anthony of Egypt
† Anthony of Padua
† Archangels
† Assisi, Clare of
† Assumption of Mary
† Aquinas, Thomas
† Arc, Joan of
† Avila, Teresa of
† Basil the Great
† Blaise
† Borromeo, Charles
† John Bosco
† Cabrini, Frances Xavier
† Canadian Martyrs
† Canterbury, Adrian of
† Carmel, Our Lady of Mount
† Casimir
† Catherine Laboure
† Catherine of Sienna
† Charles Borromeo
† Christopher
† Clare of Assisi
† Damien the Leper, Blessed
† Dymphna
† Elizabeth Ann Seton
† Frances Xavier Cabrini
† Francis de Sales
† Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows † Our Lady of Guadalupe
† George
† Isodore of Seville
† Joachim and Anne
† Joan of Arc
† John Bosco
† John of God
† John Vianney
† Joseph
† Jude and Simon
† Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha
† Laboure, Catherine
† Our Lady of Guadalupe
† Our Lady of Lourdes
† Our Lady of Mount Carmel
† Our Lady of Sorrows, Gabriel of
† Leper, Blessed Damien the
† Lima, Rose of
† Line, Anne
† Lucy
† Mary, Assumption of
† Mary, Queenship of
† Martyrs, Canadian
† Matilda
† Mount Carmel, Our Lady of
† Nicholas of Myra
† Neri, Phillip
† Padua, Anthony of
† Patrick
† Peregrine, Prayer to
† Peter Damian
† Phillip Neri
† Rita
† Rose of Lima
† Sales, Francis de
† Sebastien
† Seton, Elizabeth Ann
† Seville, Isodore of
† Sienna, Catherine of
† Simon and Jude
† Sorrows, Gabriel of Our Lady of
† Stephen
† Teresa of Avila
† Thomas Aquinas

Patron Saints

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Lenten-tide and Easter Season Saints

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Summer-time Saints

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Honouring Saints, Angels and Archangels